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With its numerous national parks, white sand beaches, colourful villages, pagodas and ancient monuments, forests and islands, Vietnam is a land of often surprising beauty, offering cultural depth and history, increasingly combined with tourism-friendly areas offering all the facilities a modern traveller could wish for.

Vietnam’s people are its greatest asset: gregarious, friendly and eager to meet visitors. In the bustling cities, the often chaotic streets contrast ox carts with limousines, ancient rituals with sophisticated technology, and are ruled by the ubiquitous moped.

Our strength is in translating these opportunities into detailed, practical itineraries. We do luxury travel and event planning, as well as a wide range of beach, family, honeymoon, adventure, golf, veteran and cultural tours.

There is no better way to experience a destination than through the perspective of the local people. At Water Puppet Tours, this key element of local insight drives every step of our process of tour design and delivery. We provide tailor-made tours individually crafted for each client, achieving this by emphasizing the direct working relationship between the client and the tour designer and operator.

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Alan Rophie - USA

Impression: My best trekking trip in Vietnam

Hi Water Puppet Tours Team,
Ms. Lan Anh of Water Puppet Tours in Hanoi worked diligently to put together a 9 day tour pkg for 3 adults (father, daughter and son) of Northern Vietnam; including 1 day in Hanoi, 3 days in Sapa, 3 days in Ha Long Bay and arrival and departure. We asked for a deluxe level trip with private car and tour guide along with 4+ or 5 star accommodations. Our trip was planned for the middle of April 2012. Our thoughts were to do the sightseeing in Hanoi as an orientation, do the heavy trekking in Sapa next and then relax abroad a junk in Ha Long Bay. This worked out best for us; as we were all ready for the relaxing Ha Long Bay cruise. Sometimes weather can play havoc with a trip like this; however the weather was perfect. Ms Lan Anh had everything organized and well planned; we had talked a couple times as well as several weeks of emails; however talking is the best way to communicate when it’s a lot of money and once in a lifetime.
It was a great family trip that I had wanted to do for some time. Out in the countryside around Sapa trekking through local paths used by the local ethnic minority people. Trekking along rice patties terraced up steep hillsides. Visiting a home to have lunch with the kids around and a group of baby pigs invading the porch to steal some food. Our guide said we trekked about 24km in 2 days and the second day in Sapa we trekked through a route that our guide said maybe only 3 or 4 groups per month would take (we had asked to include a day of hiking “off the beaten track”). On our junk in Ha Long Bay, we had picked a smaller junk with only 5 rooms. Again the cruise, the food and activities made our time very pleasurable. Besides the scenery, I enjoyed the kayaking and jigging for squid at night.
For us we all thought just one night, instead of two nights would have been enough on Ha Long Bay and then spend another day in Hanoi. Also, be careful of your tour provider booking for the train to Sapa. Many choice exisit; ours was Fanxipan and it wasn’t deluxe.

Thank you so much for orgernising the trip and taking care of us.

We will recommend my friends to you – My best trekking trip in Vietnam

Love all,